Our investment in Tizkka angel round

TiZZKA fashion advisor

We want you to look your best everyday

With TiZKKA you will be able to get real-time fashion tips from your favorite stylists/fashionistas on how to look great for a date, an important meeting, hanging out with friends or even hitting the gym. TiZKKA keeps your fashion radar fresh with the latest styles, sharing with you looks from fashionistas you are interested in and helping you discover others to complement your personal style.

We are happy to announce our recent investment in TiZKKA angel round, a social photo-sharing app for fashion conscious people (and those fashionable in-progress) to connect, browse the latest trends or get advice on their looks from professionals.

The problem

People want to look great all the time, but unfortunately very few of us have an inner fashionista or one that can be reliably summoned on demand.

The solution

Today those looking for fashion advice share their looks on facebook, instagram, or snapchat and ask for friends feedback. Unfortunately current tools are not optimized for this purpose resulting in eclectic feedback that is ineffective and typically untimely.
With TiZKKA you can get instantaneous feedback from professional stylists and fashionistas, who have access to your wardrobe inventory and can help you match those red shoes you love with the best look for the occasion.

The opportunity

Today, the market for on-hire fashionistas is tiny. But by enabling people to access a stylist on demand we expect this market to expand dramatically. Further, the revenue opportunity for TiZKKA includes native advertising, lead generation and fashion intelligence. Overall, we believe TiZZKA will be able to monetize a slice of the global fashion business, which is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.


As investors, we view the principal challenges of TiZKKA to be:
– improving user engagement levels while making the platform widely available to fashionistas and users globally
– the emergence of competitors (the idea is too interesting for only one company to tackle)
– absent typical Silicon Valley funding, maintaining an awesome user experience while starting to generate revenues

Congrats to the co-founders are Gabriel Roizner (@groizner) and Nathan Schorr (@nathanschorr) on a great product.

Download the app here.

More information at AngelList.

Should you have fashion experience and an interest in investing in this opportunity, feel free to reach out to us at: ideas@escalavc.co

Note: This note is not designed to analyze all of the investment considerations (including terms, traction, technology, product/market fit tests, etc) as some of this information is confidential.