Our first exit: PedidosYa acquires SeMeAntoja

Latin America Venture Capital Exits: Sale of SeMeAntoja to PedidosYa (Delivery Hero)

PedidosYa adquired SeMeAntoja, a startup in our investment portfolio. Announced via a tweet on September 1st, 2014, PedidosYa confirmed the acquisition of the Mexican startup whose founders included Mexican and Argentinian entrepreneurs. In addition to Escala.vc, SeMeAntoja was funded by investments from 500 Mexico City, 500 Startups and NXTP Labs.

SeMeAntoja is one of the leading players in the online food-delivery business in Mexico for restaurants, with a web and mobile presence in iOS and Android.

PedidosYa was acquired by Delivery Hero on June 2014, and the company has maintained is acquisitive growth in Latin America, besides its adquisition of SeMeAntoja, PedidosYa also acquired Clickdelivery in Colombia for an undisclosed amount estimated to be USD 15mm.

From the gallery, we congratulate the entire SeMeAntoja team.

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