Capital for Startups / Capital de riesgo para emprendedores

About us:

We are an early-stage seed fund focused on providing Spanish speaking Latin American entrepreneurs and startups with access to growth capital. We look for companies with regional / global aspirations.

Typically, we focus on companies that have exited incubator/accelerator programs, have monetized their product, and can demonstrate traction over 3 months. We try to be agile, making investment decisions typically in 3-4 weeks and completing confirmatory diligence and negotiations in a couple of weeks or in parallel. We can lead a round or co-invest.

Value add to startups:

In addition to growth capital, we provide access to a strong network of successful entrepreneurs, mentors and senior commercial managers to help increase market penetration in Latin America or United States.


Our Principals have a track record funding and mentoring startups in USA and Latin America, with previous experience in banking, consulting and serial entrepreneurship.


We focus on technology startups and are otherwise sector agnostic: our investments already include education, hospitality, ecommerce, and marketplaces (both online-to-online and online-to-offline) with a strong preference for business models that have a credible short term path to operational break even and low capital intensity. We are also open to technology-enabled businesses, subject to the low capital intensity.

We are open to investing in startups based in any country in Latin America (including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and others) or USA. The country of origin is not critical, but the scalability of the business across multiple countries is.

Portfolio companies:

The fund has completed 6 investments and is continuously open to new submissions.


You can submit your deck/demo or contact us directly at:


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